Trouble Accessing The App

You can access the YIANco. App by clicking “Download Now” on the homepage.

Click the “Download Now” button to be directed to the app

When the browser loads, exit out of “Install YIANco. App”

Click the “X” to exit out of Install option

You will be directed to the YIANco. Signup and Login screen. Create your account or sign into account.

Sign up or Log into existing account

Booking an Appointment

Fill in your appointment details
Choose the service you want and add it to your cart!
Make sure to give us directions for when we arrive to your location.
Don’t forget to tip your artist.
Once you pay, you’ll be all booked. An email confirmation will be sent to you!

Purchasing Memberships

On the app, go to Services > Scroll down to the desired membership you want > Press Learn More > Press I want this > Purchase.

An email will be sent to you to so you can retrieve your membership code..
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