Trouble Downloading The App

If you are having trouble downloading the App, you can access it by following these three steps: Click “Download Now” on the YIANco. homepage. When the browser loads, exit out of the “Install YIANco. App” message. You will be directed to the YIANco. Signup and Login screen. Create your account or sign into your existingContinue reading “Trouble Downloading The App”

A letter from Yasmine Nahounou, Chief Executive Officer

Like most businesses, YIANco. was just a simple thought… That “ah ha” moment for me happened around April of 2019 while I was in my college dorm room. I was your typical college student–broke. The simple solution would have been to get a job and balance work and school but, it wasn’t that easy forContinue reading “A letter from Yasmine Nahounou, Chief Executive Officer”