A letter from Yasmine Nahounou, Chief Executive Officer

Like most businesses, YIANco. was just a simple thought

That “ah ha” moment for me happened around April of 2019 while I was in my college dorm room. I was your typical college student–broke. The simple solution would have been to get a job and balance work and school but, it wasn’t that easy for me because, I was deeply afraid of doing interviews.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

My fear for interviews was a personal problem. I didn’t want to have to explain to anyone why they should like me or hire me. So while in college, I freelanced doing makeup. I had about 4 years of experience under my belt and decided to let it be my side hustle instead of getting a regular job. I created makeup pages on social media and started making videos on youtube. I posted looks that I did on myself and others and then shared that I was open to do services.

YIANco’s birthing

Being a freelancer for over four years I knew that our kind of income was very inconsistent. You only get money when you do clients, not when you have clients. Ideally, you want returning clients but, any client you do is when you actually make money. During a time when I really needed money, I looked for clients to do. I made more posts and put money into Ads to promote my work but honestly, that didn’t guarantee me a client. I realized that every time I posted, I was talking to people with various interests.

Listen, word of mouth is cool and all but if you’re talking to a bunch of people whose interest is not in what you’re offering, then you’re just talking.

I literally said to myself “alright, who needs their makeup done…’cause at this point, just give me any client–I’m tired.” That was when my “ah ha” moment dawned on me.

I went through the researching, planning, and development process; I also went around pitching the idea to those who would listen. I felt like it was an idea that was doable and I knew it would make makeup artists lives easier. I collected data through a survey I created and based on the results I received I said “Let’s do this!”

Laziness worked out for me

Now, I’m not going to boastfully say “I’m lazy” or that I created YIANco. by being lazy–that’s definitely not true. I had a lazy mindset but, I also had a crazy drive that made me work to get what I want…in an easy way. I’ll say that laziness triggered the idea which catapulted my efforts in creating a business to simplify and amplify the work of freelance makeup artists. In return, everyone’s beauty life is easier and more affordable.

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