Connecticut’s Mobile, Makeup Artist Service

We’ve built a mobile app that finds local makeup artists near you & sends them to your doorstep!

Your overwhelmingly hectic beauty life has now been simplified, and made more affordable, just for you. 

If you’re having trouble accessing the app.

Visit support.

How it works!

  1. Browse through our explore page of makeup looks
  2. Like and interact with the looks you love 
  3. Book the service you’d like and the location you want the service done, straight from the app
  4. We’ll pair you with a makeup artist who matches your makeup style based on the pictures you interact with on the app. 
  5. Sit back and relax. The best makeup artist, for you, will be traveling to you for your scheduled appointment.

Why You’ll Love Us

Your highlight shimmers a little brighter with us; we make your beauty life a lot easier and cheaper.

  • Save Stress
  • Save Time
  • Save Money

What people are saying!

“Amazing Idea”

This service is brilliant! .

This is something we definitely need in CT.

“This is Unique”

Game changing and unique business!

“Love The App”

Wow, love the concept and the app!

“The process of getting your makeup done couldn’t get any easier and won’t get any cheaper.”

Yasmine Nahounou–Chief Executive Officer

Want to become an Artist ?

We are currently in beta testing mode allowing minimal artists onto the app. Please email us showing your interest and we will follow up with your next steps.